China Hospitals Classification Into Three In-patient Grade

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In China,Grade 3A(Highest Grade in the Hospital classification by Ministry of Health)

The Ministry of Health classifies in-patient facilities hospital into 3 grades based on the facilitiy, equipment and staffing. The higher the grade, the more sophisitcated the facility.

All hopitals classified as level 1, 2 and 3.
All grades as from top to lower:
3 Grade 1192 hospitals.
       3 Peak:,only 2 hospitals: Xiehe hospital (, 301 hospital (PLA general hospital).
       3 A, 722 hospitals.
       3 B, 
       3 C,
2 Gread 6780 hospitals.
       2 A,
       2 B,
       2 C,
1 Grade 4989 hospitals.
       1 A,
       1 B,
       1 C.

In 2008, about 19,246 government-classified hospitals, and health institutions including health centers 40,791, community health centers 22,656 and clinics 212,243 in China.

Usually we will arrange your treatment in grade 3A hospital.

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