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China general ranking best and most powerful hospitals.

Beijing Xiehe Hospital.
    Researching institute: Technical guidance to the National Center for Intractable Diseases Clinic, Endocrine Research Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Center, Eye Research Center, Nuclear Medicine Research Center, International Classification of Diseases Cooperation Center.
    Good effects at: cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid disease, diabetes, deafness, dizziness, kidney disease, respiratory system disease.
    Expert and doctors: more than 30 famous experts.
    Devided into 2 compounds: Eastern and Western

1st Clinical  College of Zhongshan hospital Guangzhou.
    Researching institute: Organ transplant centers; angiocarpy cerebrovascular disease prevention office of Guangdong; the World Health Organization (WHO) Rehabilitation Center . It was titled “China mainland’s medical institute Hong Kong persons trust most” in 2004.
    Good effects at: Kidney transplantation, broken toe replantation, 100% area of burn, test-tube baby, infant gastroschisis repair, giant hemangioma, kidney transplant, liver transplant, combined liver-kidney transplantation (raning top level for both amount and survial rates in China: liver transplantation, kidney transplantation, or combination of liver-kidney translantation), the first surgery in China for body-linked-infants separated surgery, diabetes, thyroid disease, benign and malignant gynecologic
    Experts: more than 30 famoust experts.


Shanghai Huashan Hospital.
    Researching institute: State key-disciplines: Neurosurgery, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular; Hand Surgery Institute; World Health Organization Neuroscience Research and Training Center.
    Good effects at: Brain tumors (Gamma knife radiosurgery for brain tumor features), cerebrovascular disease, brain trauma surgery, hand surgery, coronary heart disease, skin diseases, sexual diseases.
    Experts and doctors: more than 20 famous experts.

310 Hospital (General of PLA)
    Good effects at: Artificial joint replacement, conductive deafness, intraocular lens implantation, kidney transplantation, bone marrow transplant, X-knife treatment, oral rehabilitation, treatment of multiple organ failure, cataracts, eye laser treatment.

Shanghai Ruijin hospital.
    Researching institute: State key-disciplines: Burn, orthopedic.
    Good effects at: Extensive burns, acute necrotizing pancreatitis, diabetes, bone tumor, bone and joint damage, kidney transplant, severe hepatitis, leukemia, eye laser treatment.

Beijing Tiantan Hospital.
    Researching institute: WHO Collaborating Center of Neuroscience, medical research and training center of neurosurgery.
    Good effects at: Surgical treatment of intracranial tumors, rescue and treatment of head trauma, cerebrovascular disease treatment, peripheral neuropathy and myopathy, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, hereditary metabolic diseases.

Xi'an Xijing Hospital
     Researching institute: PLA Reseach Center of Cardiovascular surgery, Gastroenterology, Dental Research.
     Good effects at: Cardiovascular surgery, complex congenital heart surgery, coronary intervention, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer, eye trauma, vitreous micro-surgery, bone transplants, brain trauma treatment.

Shanghai Renji hospital
     Researching institute: Gastroenterology is one of national key disciplines; Shanghai Institute of Rheumatology, Institute of Digestive Disease,; Shanghai Human Sperm Bank .
    Good effects at: Rheumatism, lupus erythematosus, otorhinolaryngology disease, deafness, vertigo, acoustic neuroma, intracranial disease, surgical treatment of spinal cord diseases, gynecological diseases.

Guangdong Provincial People hospital.
     Researching institute: Cardiovascular Institute, the Provincial Institute of Gerontology, the rural eye disease prevention and control institute, the provincial center of clinical examination.
     Good effects at: Coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve replacement surgery, spinal deformity correction, artificial joint replacement surgery, liver transplant, gynecologic oncology, interventional therapy of cancer, osteoporosis, cancer, leukemia.

Wuhan Tongji Hospital
     Researching institutes: the largest organ transplant center in China; Respiratory is one national key disciplines
     Good effects at: 14 human organ and tissue transplantation including liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, pancreas-kidney and others;  gynecological diseases, eugenic genetic, gynecological cancer, test-tube baby, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, asthma.

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